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Flags for Fort Snelling

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Evans Nordby Funeral Homes

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Flags at Fort Snelling will be hosting their annual Memorial Weekend flag placement at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Evans-Nordby Funeral Home invites you to volunteer, attend or donate! To sign up to volunteer or request a flag placement please visit flagsforfortsnelling.com.

If, like us, this is a new group to you we have included a bit of their history and mission below.

It was May 2015, when Minnesotans learned it had been over three decades since American Flags were placed at Fort Snelling on Memorial Day. Learning that this tradition had been lost on everyone was a shock nobody could ignore. Step by step, a small group of patriotic Minnesotans had a plan to slowly grow the organization’s systems both operationally and logistically, to ensure a strong, sustainable structure to support the tradition year after year.
In 2018, four local Minnesota businesses stepped up to join Flags for Fort Snelling in partnership roles, blowing the doors of opportunity wide open: VantagePoint Marketing, Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union and KARE 11. With leaders from each organization dedicating their time and effort to the Flags for Fort Snelling goals, Minnesota was able to place an American Flag at every headstone of Fort Snelling National Cemetery for the first time in over 35 years! It was an incredible sight to see the flowing sea of red, white, and blue- One we intend to see year after year as long as we have the drive to keep this tradition alive.

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